New Zealand Loan Repayment Calculator

This home loan repayment calculator will automatically show you your individual payments required for your mortgage over a set number of years (payments).
As the calculator automatically calculates the payments via the amortization table simply enter in the property price, your deposit (in %), the interest rate and your mortgage length and then press update.

Property Price:
Deposit %:
Deposit Value:
Loan Value:
Duration in Years (up to 30):
Annual Interest Rate:
This loan repayment calculator focusses more on individual payments; however if you are looking for more mortgage help use Mortgage Repayment Calculator or Mortgage Calculator. For GST calculation help we recommend and . For PAYE help use
Loan Breakdown Amortization Schedule for Loan Repayment Calculation
Month: Payment: Interest: Principal: Balance Owing Start of Period:
(amount owed per month) (interest portion) (principal portion)